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Patient Information

At Barrhaven Veterinary Hospital, we take the time to get to know each of our patients to understand their unique needs. Learn more about what you can expect from your pet's appointment.

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What to Expect at a Veterinary Appointment

We have adopted a fear-free approach to veterinary care to help all of our patients feel as comfortable as possible during each visit. This includes giving you all the information you need to prepare yourself and your pet for their appointment.

1. Get Settled

Please arrive roughly 10 minutes early to fill out our New Patient Form. To save a bit of time, you can complete the New Patient Form online in advance.

When you arrive, you will be greeted warmly, and seated in the appropriate waiting room based on the type of pet you have. Water, coffee, and tea are available in our reception area and you may browse our retail area while you wait. Once an exam room becomes available, you and your pet will be moved into one.

2. Meet Your Veterinary Technician

A registered veterinary technician (RVT) will escort you and your companion into a private examination room. Your technician will take a medical history, weigh your pet, and gather some information for the veterinarian.

3. Exam, Diagnosis & Treatment

Your veterinarian will see you next. They will examine your pet, answer your questions, and plan further diagnostics or treatments as necessary. A detailed report of your pet's diagnosis and treatment plan will be created for future reference.

4. Billing & Follow-ups

One of our friendly client service representatives will handle billing and schedule any needed follow-up appointments.

Our Pet Care Philosophy

Our veterinary professionals see your pets not just as patients, but as cherished members of your family. We're committed to providing your four-legged family members with the high-quality care they deserve. Caring for Ottawa's pets isn't just our profession, it's our passion.

FAQs From Our Clients

Learn more about our office policies, payment options, and appointment booking by reading through our hospital FAQs.

  • What do I do in the case of an emergency if your clinic isn't open?

    If we are closed, please contact the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital at (613) 725-1182 or the Alta Vista Animal Hospital at (613) 731-6851.

  • What types of payment options are available?

    Payment in full is expected at the time services are provided or upon discharge of your pet. We accept payment by debit, Visa, and MasterCard.

  • Will I be provided with an estimate of costs?

    We will provide a good-faith estimate of the cost of our services prior to treating your pet. However, unforeseen circumstances may arise that impact your final bill.

    We will always discuss our written estimate with all clients before they leave our facility, and require a deposit based on our estimate prior to any further treatment.

  • Should I call ahead to book an appointment?

    Yes, please call ahead to book an appointment to ensure we have room in our schedule to see your pet.

    In the event that your pet needs emergency care during our regular business hours, please contact us right away.

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  • What is your appointment cancellation policy?

    If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call us as soon as possible so that we can offer the space in our schedule to other clients.

  • What types of animals do you treat?

    We take care of cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes.

  • Where can I purchase my pet's prescription and food?

    You can purchase all the medications and specialty food your pet needs in our in-house pharmacy.

  • Can you help with my pet insurance?

    We’re happy to help you fill out pet insurance forms for your pet’s visit.

  • Why can't we have the same veterinarian or technician each time we visit?

    We make every effort to accommodate our clients’ requests. However, there may be circumstances that prevent a certain veterinary team member from being available during your pet’s visit. Scheduling conflicts, emergencies, and vacation schedules all play a role in their availability.

    Please feel free to ask for a specific veterinarian or veterinary technician when you schedule your appointment, and we will do what we can to facilitate your request. However, please be understanding if we can’t. All of our team members are highly skilled professionals who look forward to your pet’s visit.

  • Why is my pet being referred to a specialist?

    Our top priority is to make sure that our patients receive the highest standard of care and achieve the best possible outcome. This is why we sometimes make the decision to refer patients to veterinary specialists when advanced expertise or equipment is required.

    Our veterinarians make every effort to stay current and skilled in many aspects of animal health, providing comprehensive care for your pet. However, board-certified specialists have extensive experience and training in a particular area of veterinary medicine or surgery.

    Be assured that when we refer your pet to another hospital, we continue to stay involved with their care. This involves consulting with the specialist and often providing follow-up care and rehabilitation.

  • Would you send proof of vaccinations to my pet's kennel for me?

    We’d be happy to send proof of vaccination to your pet’s kennel. Just let us know the correct email address to send that to.

  • If my pet's problem doesn't get better, can I get a refund for their veterinary care?

    Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds for veterinary care. Our fees cover the cost of examining, testing, diagnosing, and treating your pet.

    Not all health problems have a straightforward solution. Some may be chronic, requiring a long-term management plan; others may be more difficult to diagnose or may involve several causes. A cure may not always be possible, and treatment may be ongoing. Your veterinary team will do everything they can to find answers and continue to help your pet.

  • My pet is well-trained, do they need to remain on a leash or in a carrier?

    For the safety and protection of all clients, patients, and veterinary team members, we require all pets to be on a leash or in a carrier when they arrive at our hospital. They must continue to be restrained while they are in the reception area, and while traveling to and from the exam rooms. Your veterinarian or veterinary technician will let you know when it is safe to let your pet off-leash or out of his or her carrier.

    There is often a lot going on at our hospital. Combine that with the unfamiliar surroundings and new animals. Any pet – even one that is well-trained – might become uneasy or overly excited. We want you and your pet to have as pleasant an experience as possible every time you visit our hospital, so we ask all our clients to respect our policy.

  • Why do you check my dog's weight every time they come in for a visit?

    We keep track of your pet’s weight, just like your doctor’s office keeps track of your height and weight each time you visit. Having an accurate and current measurement of your pet’s weight will help us ensure that we prescribe the right dose of preventives, medications, and anesthetics. It can also help us track and manage your pet's weight and catch any early signs of medical conditions.

  • My dog or cat has been treated but isn't getting better. What can I do?

    If you are concerned about your pet's health, call us. Just like doctors, veterinarians sometimes need to try more than one treatment or medication to find the correct solution to cure or manage a pet’s condition. Please let us know if something we recommended or prescribed isn’t helping.

  • Can I call and have the veterinarian give me a diagnosis over the phone?

    Veterinarians can’t provide a diagnosis over the phone. Besides being unethical and illegal, diagnosing by phone doesn’t allow veterinarians to physically examine your pet. A physical exam is necessary so your veterinarian can provide an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

    Treating a pet for the wrong disease or condition will cost more in the end and could be harmful or even deadly to your pet.

New Patients Welcome

Our veterinary team would love to get to know your dog or cat and provide them with high-quality veterinary care. Contact us today to book an appointment for your four-legged family member.

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